A real estate agent achieves success through his daily experience and through the professional improvement he seeks through courses, training and lectures. Therefore, it is worth investing to have a good learning experience and to keep up to date on the market. It is possible to improve to meet different types of audiences by doing specializations.

Just like in any other career, it is possible to develop the skills necessary to be an excellent realtor. In this article we will present the main tips for you to be able to leverage your career and provide details on building relationships, competence, ability to communicate, focus on results etc.

Want to know more? Continue reading this post to find out what the profile of the successful professional is!


Find out what the professional profile of an excellent real estate agent looks like

The realtor works in a market that offers great opportunities for entrepreneurs. To be successful in this career it is important to be willing to dedicate yourself to learning and to be persistent, in addition to building good relationships. This area requires the patience of these professionals who need to build a client portfolio. Observe some interesting characteristics and postures below!

Know the offer well

Like any good seller, a successful broker has an obligation to know all aspects and features of the property he intends to sell. Although this is obvious, many brokers are unable to reliably answer some customer questions that arise during trading.

Thus, in order to overcome any objection that the buyer may have, prepare yourself before each visit and get to know in-depth all the elements of the negotiation, such as: the conditions and forms of payment, how the client can finance this property, what will be the likely costs it will have, etc.

For this, don’t forget the most important thing: guaranteeing the consumer the confidence to do a good deal.

Build good relationships

Networking is essential in any profession! Having a good network of relationships in the real estate market is essential to find some lucrative business opportunities.

Have you ever imagined knowing, first hand, that an overvalued commercial point will be put up for sale and that, due to a wide and diversified client portfolio, you have the right person for this property? For sure you will get a good profit in this negotiation!

Experienced brokers know that this type of information can be provided by anyone. For this reason, they maintain friendly relations with employees of condominiums, secretaries, local merchants, etc.

Have a humble posture towards other professionals, since the tip may come from them and it will become an excellent commission.


Communicates well

What differentiates a successful broker from an average one is their ability to communicate. From a clear and secure argument, this professional is able to build, with the client, a unique value proposition.

However, don’t be fooled into believing that only you should speak. It is essential that you are a good listener, because only then will you be able to better understand your client and, in this way, find the ideal property for him.

Just remember to keep the conversation focused on the business. Some brokers, afraid to offend the client, spend long minutes talking about amenities. Usually, this strategy does not bear fruit for the professional, since he wasted his time and was unable to sell anything.

Objectivity is a fundamental trait in good communication. Be clear and direct in your statements and direct the conversation with the customer to this level of effectiveness whenever possible.

Has competence to sell

Mandatorily, to be a successful broker, you must be a good salesperson. For this, it is essential that you develop your sales skills.

There is a false belief that only people who were born with this “gift” – the famous born salespeople – will be successful in this field. This could not be more false, because like anything, the ability to sell can be learned, developed and perfected.

Ask yourself: in an informal conversation, with friends or family, can you convince them of your point of view? If the answer is no, what is missing for that to happen?

In some cases, the broker may not have enough arguments to illustrate the idea. In that case, you should study the topic further. In others, he may feel intimidated, having to work on aspects related to his self-esteem.

Ask this question, assess your ability to convince, and, if necessary, improve it.


It is focused on results

Don’t ever settle! It is not because you hit your monthly goal that the month is earned. A good salesperson has as his main motivation to surpass himself more and more. For him, there are no limits!

An experienced broker is not concerned with the recognition of a boss, for example, as his focus is on the results obtained – and this will be the true indicator of his success.

In order to take off in the brokerage career, as in any profession, it is essential to know what professional profile you must have in order to achieve success. In this way, it will be possible to develop these skills with the main focus on results.

Care about your image on the internet

Take a look at your friends’ posts on social media. Would you do business with these people? Well, if the answer has been no, be careful, since you too maybe being seen that way by potential customers.

Remember to take care of the privacy of your social networks, avoiding adding customers and trying to keep your publications visible only to people you really know. It is also not interesting to share private aspects of your life.

Avoid getting involved in controversies about taboo subjects, such as politics, religion and football. A successful realtor does not care about his client’s personal positions, however, the client can stop doing business if he understands the broker as an aggressive person.

Create professional profiles on social networks, that way, it will be easier to manage what you can (or should) share with the public.


Understands the real estate market

Remember that a successful real estate agent takes the time to learn how political and economic changes can affect their work. Being well-informed is essential!

Read the economics books of the main newspapers in Brazil, understand what the influencers of the real estate market are talking about and, of course, know how to turn this information into arguments. A successful professional needs to be informed, in addition to running away from “fake news”.

As we saw in this article, it is possible to reverse a bad moment in your career, becoming a successful realtor, if the professional is willing to analyze himself, modifying bad behaviors and seeking to improve himself.

In addition, it is important to understand what being a successful realtor means to you. For some people, this term refers to a person capable of selling the most difficult properties. For others, it is the broker who manages to make their dreams come true through this work.

Know how to differentiate the different customer profiles

Building a real estate career requires knowledge of the different client profiles. Each negotiation must be treated as the most important one ever carried out. On the other hand, the broker needs to understand his clients’ needs, tastes, preferences and motivations. The mature customer already has the separate capital to invest.

They buy or close more robust contracts and usually look for condominium houses, modern apartments, farms, coastal properties, among others. Younger customers, on the other hand, do not have large amounts to invest in a single transaction. However, they close deals whose payments will be made over time.

This group includes newlyweds or professionals at the beginning of their careers who seek units for a more dynamic lifestyle. Investors understand this segment and invest money in opportunities to multiply their capital. Therefore, offer interesting information about the properties and the region where they are located.



Brokers Real success building a strong network that becomes an unlimited source of business, information and referrals. These professionals cannot forget to maintain their relationships and attract new contacts, as the competition in this sector is very fierce. Look for partnerships with other companies to develop your portfolio.

Communicate with the maximum number of people from all professions, starting with the porters to the managers and superintendents. Do not care about the positions, but about the possibilities that each one can offer now or in the future. Those who do not become customers will be able to make referrals that will result in business closings.

Always specialize

Successful professionals offer added value to their clients and understand other areas, such as finance, transport, market trends, geographic location, technologies, management and more. Make specializations to be able to close more sales, listen to potential customers and understand their desires. Demonstrate your knowledge by passing on valuable information about the value of the property.

Take courses to optimize the management of the financial sector, have more efficient and leaner processes with more productivity, in addition to knowing how to use the innovations that constantly appear. Avoid losses and losses by adopting current strategies, for example, the centralization of data that allows a better understanding of your monthly budget.

Acts in line with daily goals

A successful broker keeps his attention focused on the achievements he manages to obtain daily. He sets goals, records them and does everything in his power to achieve them, avoiding being distracted by issues that disperse him. So, create your own goals and devise strategies to build your career!

Now you know the professional profile of a successful realtor! It is very important to have dedication and invest time and money in this profession to be successful. If possible, use your own system to maintain the organization of your professional activities and make improvements in your routines.