Having chosen the profession of a realtor, it is time to think about how to be one of the big names in the market and be very successful in your new career. With the large sums involved in sales, many people venture on the mission of intermediating real estate deals. However, few really take hold and even consolidate a career.

This, of course, for the most varied reasons. Among them, the lack of preparation or training and the lack of clarity about what the brokerage profession really is .

We have prepared this content to help you see aspects of the real estate professional’s life. Reading the guide in its entirety will leave you better prepared to go out on the field and accomplish your achievements.

Would you like to learn a little more about the job you chose? Read on!

Preparation: what it takes to get you started

Beginning realtors need to study. That’s right, this is the first step to take to stand out in one of the most competitive markets today, real estate. Knowledge is authority, and acquiring it will make you safe and benefit your sales.

Documents required to be a realtor

Obtaining registration with CRECI (Regional Council of Realtors) is prerogative to be, really, a real estate agent. There are two ways for the real estate professional to achieve this certification:

  • already have a technological degree in Real Estate Sciences / Business Management;
  • have completed the Technical Course in Real Estate Transactions (EAD or face-to-face).

With one of these certifications, the next step is to apply for registration with the Board. The documentation to start your process includes the main application and the following documents:

  • original and simple copy of the diploma of Higher Education in Real Estate Sciences / Management of Real Estate Business or of the diploma of Technician in Real Estate Transactions (TTI);
  • RG;
  • CPF;
  • voter registration;
  • proof of discharge with military service – for men under 45;
  • civil status certificate.

With the documents delivered, it’s time to wait. The analysis of the registration process – from the application protocol to the delivery of the professional card – takes about 30 days.

Duly registered and in possession of the universe of knowledge learned in the course that enabled you to get CRECI, you will already be a real estate agent and will be able to start your business.


Knowledge needed to be a broker

But don’t think that the studies stop there. Every professional needs to keep up to date.

So go further: always be one step ahead of the competition, constantly investing in new courses, workshops, in short, everything that is capable of adding knowledge in your area. Here are some tips that will help you leverage your career!

Personal presentation

Make a good management of your look, after all, it must make an excellent impression to the customer. Sobriety and good taste when dressing will translate into reliability. Never attend to someone who looks sloppy. Strong odors, such as that of cigarettes or some striking perfume, can disrupt – and a lot – your contact with the customer.

Technologies and their uses

Create online communication channels. First, your email, remembering that it must give the impression of seriousness. Then take a look at social media and see how to use it to gain visibility in the market. There are several possibilities for using the Internet to win customers and gain recognition in the society.

Ethics and professionalism

You must base your career on these two values. By intermediating transactions, you will be involved with people, their expectations and desires.

Focusing on results is necessary, after all, a lot depends on your earnings. However, always keep in mind that they are only valid if they are achieved with ethics and professionalism. This is essential for the realtor to consolidate himself with a good reputation in the market.

Ways to attract customers

The broker who wants to be successful needs to sell goods that meet the needs of his clients and be known as someone who cares about the well-being of the buyers who will pay for the properties. People are looking to rent or buy from attentive and dedicated professionals. See below the main steps to attract your clientele!

Invest in your digital marketing

The real estate marketing digital is that done through the Internet, with the use of computerized means and tools available. The creation of a website, blog and profile on social networks is essential to start this practice that gives great results. One of the most efficient strategies is the creation and sharing of quality informative content.

Provide your potential customers with relevant information related to your niche, for example, tips for finding real estate or writing rental contracts. You can offer e-books to download, send newsletters, suggest sharing on social networks, as well as apply a series of strategies to capture contact data and start a conversation.

Use WhatsApp in favor of sales

WhatsApp is one of the most popular apps today, offering a special version for business: WhatsApp Business. With it, the realtor will be able to set up a commercial account, without having to pay for it, and use all the benefits offered. This tool is a great differentiator in customer service, as it allows a fast approximation between the parties.

In addition to being free to attract qualified leads, the application offers other advantages, such as engaging potential customers, personalizing contacts, improving the quality of service and the privacy of messages and data exchanged between users. This platform connects millions of people daily through mobile devices and features a Web version to facilitate routines.

Take advantage of networking opportunities

Maintain a network of contacts to build a network with strategies to close partnerships. Strengthening the relationship with other brokers and professionals from other areas contributes to the success and boosts access to partners.

Apply tactics to consolidate relationships with the target audience and create a specific speech to participate in lectures, meetings and workshops. Try to be present at events to meet people and expand your network of relationships.

Join virtual groups, communities and leisure clubs. Also, refer clients to accounting and law firms and ask for referrals, too. After all, everyone can benefit from the partnership, as long as they work seriously.

Build a portfolio and advertise

Property buyers are looking for real estate agents that have several properties in their portfolio to choose the one that best suits their expectations. Therefore, assemble and disseminate your catalog in the most complete and attractive way possible to prevent them from looking for other companies. Present quality real estate, taking pictures from the ideal angles to show the environments.

Identify the best acquisition channels and be present in them

Analyze the channels most used by professionals in the real estate segment and always be present in them to be remembered. Create a discreet professional profile on Instagram and Facebook to advertise the properties that are for sale. Offer tips for selling or renting and provide links to your website and blog.

Invest in Linkedln and write about it, as an authority, without placing images of apartment or house. In this media, there is space to share deeper knowledge about your area of ​​expertise and make your professional skills and competences evident.


Good customer service practices

Cordiality and goodwill, combined with your knowledge of the real estate market and the products you will work with, will serve as a basis for your customers to feel very well served. To go further and be remembered as an above-average professional, adopting some conducts can make all the difference:

  • listen to your customer: identify your purchasing needs and understand your profile;
  • provide all requested information, always in a courteous and polite manner;
  • perceive – and respect – each step of the service.

Each item on the list above deserves your full attention. Achieving service excellence requires patience and, believe me, a lot of technique for customer loyalty. To maximize your performance throughout the sale process, it is important to know that it is divided into:

  • lead: the first contact, when the future customer comes to you;
  • prospect: time to offer your products to those interested in buying a property;
  • client: closing the contract and closing the sale.

Identifying each stage of the sale is very important. To this end, it is interesting that the realtor registers each service provided, in order to assess which stage the client is at. To manage this relationship, there are strategies and even software that can help.

The two most used are CRM and the relationship rule. Incorporating them into the daily work environment will be very valuable for the broker who wants to establish productive relationships with his clients. Technologies are excellent allies for professionals working in the real estate industry.

After-sales: key moment to build customer loyalty

After making the sale, your client may have doubts about the documents, related to the financing, and many others, if it is the purchase of the first property. This delicate moment, when you will need to support your customer’s decision and transmit security, is called after-sales.

If it is necessary to check some details of the property in person, help your client understand a clause of the contract or even spend time with him on the phone, hearing about the housing experience he is experiencing, do so. This approximation is the fruit of his work and the indisputable proof that he was well done.

Value it, just as you must value your customer. In addition to the human character of this moment of service – which must continue, even after the sale, and for long periods – consider the practical aspect: having a portfolio of satisfied customers means investing in future earnings, new sales, referring your services to friends and relatives.

We are sure that with your drive and talent, and what you have learned here, in this basic sales guide for novice realtors , your professional journey will be full of successes. Always be willing to increase your knowledge in real estate management and prepare to manage your career in order to be a reference in your new business.